sabato 12 ottobre 2013

Tante Maschere.

" E imparerai a tue spese che nel lungo tragitto della vita incontrerai tante maschere e pochi volti "
( Luigi Pirandello )

Fotografia da Jonas Kroyer -


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  1. Howdy stranger,

    I’m so happy you like my photo. It took me months to plan, several hours of make-up and ditto photographing and retouching. Which means I’m not so happy that you chose to use it on your website without asking for my permission first or at least credit me.

    Luckily, I’m a gentle guy and generally pro fair use. Meaning: You are already using my photo, however not with commercial intent and thus we can settle this matter here and now if you put a little credit line under the photo with the following info:

    Photography by Jonas Kroyer –

    This way you get to keep your article as it is with the photo, I get some traffic to my website, and we can skip the part where I go the legal way with takedown notice, lawyers, etc. etc.

    Jonas Kroyer is an international award-winning photographer from Denmark.
    He specializes in storytelling through photography in:
    Conceptual photography
    Portrait photography
    Journalistic photography
    Passion is key, good relationships and going the extra mile for the extraordinary result.

    Jonas Krøyer er en internationalt prisvindende fotograf fra Danmark
    Han specialiserer sig i storytelling gennem sit fotografi i kategorierne:
    Konceptuelt fotografi
    Klassisk portræt fotografi
    Rapportage fotografi
    Passionen driver værket, gode relationer og at tage det ud over det sædvanlige for et ekstraordinært resultat.

  2. Hello Jonas, I thank you for your comment, I proceeded as requested to enter your name in the first floor and I also added as tags among those present in the column of the authors.
    Your photo is fantastic but when I found two years ago I had no references on the web to be able to show before. My blog has no advertising for choice and therefore no commercial gain but is born and is only used to show as many people as the best images on the web associated with the best literary authors.
    I hope that many people through the link of your site visit your site and they are enthusiastic about your work as it happened to me.
    see you soon